"There are some pieces of jewellery that are designed to stand out and catch people's attention, and Jill Marsden's earrings do that for all the right reasons - they're big and beautiful, original and expertly crafted. They are also incredibly easy to wear, so light you almost forget you're wearing them - until the next person asks where you got your earrings!"

Mellissa Downes - Channel 9


"I love big and bold earrings and Jill Marsden’s are so light and comfortable that I’ve worn them to work all day then out to a cocktail party or opening night gala. They are timeless in design and truly locally made, which is also important to me."

Kylie Lang Associate Editor, The Courier-Mail, Queensland


"Jill Marsden’s earrings are the most captivating, sublime creations I have ever seen...and being surrounded by fashion, I have seen a lot! The magical nature of her hand-beaten silvers and golds, the delicate mastery of countless hours behind each piece makes them individual works of magic that attract compliments galore. I adore not only wearing my Jill Marsden earrings but due to their unique and elegant nature, they are our first choice for photo shoots and parades."

Rebecca Parer


"Whenever I wear my Jill Marsden earrings I can’t help but stand a little taller. I love that they pack a powerful statement but without the weight that usually comes with big earrings."

Nikki Parkinson - Styling You



Our customers love Jill’s designs as they are handmade and have a unique antique finish, not to mention they are locally made in Brisbane, Australia.

Jill’s pieces are often bought by brides and ladies attending special occasion events. They make a statement whilst also being timeless heirloom pieces to be passed down. With the movement away from fast fashion and the focus turning to sustainable production and manufacturing, Jill Marsden's designs is a great asset to our fashion retail business.



Jill Marsden designs stops you in your tracks!

The product is amazing and the fact that she is so hands-on, with amazing communication skills and is willing to work with you and bespoke anything for you is not only next-level service it is a real rarity.

We love the fact that it is all handmade and is a range that is all produced in Brisbane. A joy to work with, an unstoppable creativity and a huge work ethic.