"There are some pieces of jewellery that are designed to stand out and catch people's attention, and Jill Marsden's earrings do that for all the right reasons - they're big and beautiful, original and expertly crafted. They are also incredibly easy to wear, so light you almost forget you're wearing them - until the next person asks where you got your earrings!"

Mellissa Downes - Channel 9


"I love big and bold earrings and Jill Marsden’s are so light and comfortable that I’ve worn them to work all day then out to a cocktail party or opening night gala. They are timeless in design and truly locally made, which is also important to me."

Kylie Lang Associate Editor, The Courier-Mail, Queensland


"Jill Marsden’s earrings are the most captivating, sublime creations I have ever seen...and being surrounded by fashion, I have seen a lot! The magical nature of her hand beaten silvers and golds, the delicate mastery of countless hours behind each piece makes them individual works of magic that attract compliments galore. I adore not only wearing my Jill Marsden earrings but due to their unique and elegant nature, they are our first choice for photo shoots and parades."

Rebecca Parer


"Whenever I wear my Jill Marsden earrings I can’t help but stand a little taller. I love that they pack a powerful statement but without the weight that usually comes with big earrings."

Nikki Parkinson - Styling You