Jill Marsden is a multi-talented creative professional who designs luxurious, bespoke jewellery for people who want to make a bold statement and express their individual style. A hairdresser for 37 years and mother of two sons, she has spent the past 16 years honing her skills in silversmithing and jewellery design. Jill Marsden pieces are made from a mixture of sterling silver, gold, precious and semi precious gemstones, and unusual beads gathered from around the world. Jill also enjoys working with pearls, antique baltic amber, tourmaline, citrine,  black and pink spinnel and colourful sapphires. Every piece is handmade in the Jill Marsden studio in Brisbane, Australia, and signature looks include gold leaf in the tradition of the famed artisans of Italy. No two pieces are exactly the same as Jill likes her jewellery to be as individual as the people who wear it. Jill’s mission is to help people “feel good while looking good”, whether it’s through a gorgeous piece of hand-crafted jewellery or absolutely gorgeous hair.