Jill Marsden is a Brisbane-based jewellery designer who hand-crafts luxury jewellery collections and bespoke pieces from her Ashgrove design studio.

Renowned for her lightweight, statement earrings and necklaces using 24k gold leaf, silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls and unusual beads found on her travels, Jill’s designer jewellery has featured in countless photo shoots and has been worn by hosts on local and national television programs. Jill Marsden Designs jewellery plays an important part in helping women to celebrate significant milestones, celebrations, special events, weddings and makes them feel great in expressing their style every day.

An award-winning hairdresser who has represented Australia in the Hairdressing World Cup, Jill has been colouring and styling hair for many years. She understands how impactful statement jewellery is to someone’s style and aesthetic and uses this to also inspire her designs.

Discovering Her Jewellery Talent

Jill’s journey into working with precious metals began like many artists. When Jill began designing and creating jewellery, she quickly discovered that the components she sought could only be handmade, so Jill started silversmithing and then was drawn to working with gold. Working with a technique that thinly presses out gold onto pure silver, Jill started adding splashes of gold into her designs, which gives it a distinctive look.

People responded so well to her unique jewellery aesthetic that she has continued to evolve and develop her craftsmanship and designs. Jill Marsden Designs now sell online to clients around the world as well as to a select range of boutiques in Australia. Jill is a huge advocate of slow fashion, and every jewellery piece is handmade by her, to order, in true sustainable production and artisanship.

Design Inspiration for her Collections

Jill enjoys making every piece of jewellery as each one is unique. Her love of flowers, which features heavily in her designs, was developed in childhood through making daisy chains, wearing floral dresses and appreciating that every flower is so different and packed with softness and texture.

She has always loved organic, natural pearls and is constantly inspired to make them edgy and modern in combination with her gold and silver creativity. Jill loves that they are perfectly imperfect and highlights their shapes in her designs to celebrate everyone’s unique style.

Bespoke Jewellery for Brides and Repurposing

The romance of weddings and the joy of brides flow through every jewellery piece that Jill designs as part of her bridal collections and for bespoke pieces that she creates in consultation with brides. Headbands, combs, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more – each bridal jewellery piece captures a special moment of happiness for a bride on her wedding day.

Jill also works with people who want to repurpose old jewellery and give it a fresh look and feel, by melting it down and designing and creating new pieces that will hold and celebrate memories and new milestones.



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