Materials, Care and Maintenance of Jewellery


Jill Marsden Designs are handcrafted from either Solid 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold filled metals, copper, brass and hand plated with layers of 21/23k Gold Leaf. The earring posts and backs are made of 925 sterling silver on all earrings. Pieces will vary slightly from the photos as they are all individually made by hand.


Fresh water pearls have variances in colour, shape and texture. These variances are what make the pearls unique. The piece of jewellery you receive will vary slightly from the photos provided online.

If you have any concerns regarding the nature of variances within the jewellery, please email the team at

We are regrettably not able to exchange for a different piece based on the characteristics of the natural pearls

Care instructions please note:

All Jill Marsden Designs are handmade and hand-finished therefore slight irregularities may occur. 

When not in use, store your jewellery in pouch as the original packaging helps to protect to the jewellery piece.

Keep all  jewellery pieces dry at all times. Never wear your jewellery whilst swimming or bathing, washing up, cleaning or using chemicals, performing sports or heavy-duty activities. Always put your jewellery on last when getting ready to avoid contact with chemicals found in perfume, hair and beauty products etc. For plated jewellery please note that due to the delicate nature of gold plating, and the frequency of wear, pieces will need re-plating every so often to maintain their original appearance.  

The metal components are Sterling Silver, 14k Gold filled with 23k gold leaf plated, and 9K Gold. We recommend Sterling silver jewellery be cleaned only with a silver polishing cloth and gold leaf jewellery , gently with a soft cloth. No detergents or cleaning solutions should be used. 9K Gold items to be taken to a professional jeweller for cleaning and polishing.

Dropping causing damage will not be considered a fault and will not result in a refund. Damage from careless wear is not the responsibility of the label. 

Due to the nature of gold plating, and the frequency of wear, it can over time rub off and or discolour. This is a natural part of the wear and tear, and is not considered and manufacturing fault.

Keep in mind, everyone is different, and sometimes your skin may react differently to certain materials. In some cases, wearing silver instead of plated materials may be better for your skin type. All earring posts are Sterling Silver.

We offer any of our products an annual professional re-plating, polishing and cleaning service for $40. Please email